Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shrimp Updates

- My CR and CB females have released their eggs and there are now little striped specks grazing around.  Most of them are already showing colors. 
- Several of my Fire Red females are berried; this will be the F2 generation.  The F1 had some light colored shrimp, along with some males that looked like regular cherries.  I hope to define the red coloration on the subsequent generations.
- I spotted the first Blue Tiger shrimplet; it is extremely small and cream in color.  There is a dense clump of Subwassertang in the tank, so hopefully the other shrimplets are hiding in it.
- I also spotted two berried Rili females; both have bluish-colored eggs, compared to yellow eggs I have seen on other Rili from another keeper.  I'm not sure how the color of the eggs differ in the result of the phenotype; will report when they are born.
Super Tiger

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