Saturday, February 26, 2011

USA Shrimp Online Shops

Interest in shrimp keeping is gaining momentum here in the United States and there have been recent online shops launched selling shrimp products. Shrimp keepers now have access to a variety of food, medication, and water treatments previously available only to European and Asian keepers. Here are two online shops that I think have/will contribute greatly to shrimp keeping in the United States:

//edit: removed link due to repetitive negative feedback from shrimp keepers and questionable business. April 6, 2012

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mosura Products

This past weekend I received my Mosura Eros and bonus Rich Water from the ShrimpNow article contest. I am excited to try them out and will post my observations on how they affect my shrimp and tanks.

Mosura Rich Water and Mosura Eros
Mosura Rich Water:
Mosura Rich Water is created based on the commerical shrimp breeding concept, rich water. Crystal clear water does not mean that it is the best water for shrimps. Water which is rich in microorganism is best for shrimp growth and reproduction.

Hence we made Mosura Rich Water, a biochemical fluvic acid that is specially cultured through biological treatment and bio-fermentation to achieve a product of very high biological activity for aquatic use. It is rich in amino acid, vitamins, microelements, surface activant, nucleic acid, polysaccharide, biologically active acid and an unknown growth factor.
* creates an ecological balance in a tank
* promotes growth of plankton (an additional microscopic food source for shrimps)
* reduces the adverse effects of ammonia and nitrite
* reduces shrimp stress and enhances immunity
* increases vitality, metabolism and improves breeding
* prevents eutrophication
* improves shrimp and plants growth
* re-energizes old gravel/soil

Mosura Eros:
Mosura Eros contains a special blend of ingredients of non hormones that causes readied female shrimps berried by inducing molting safely. Molting is required for shrimp growth and for female shrimps to get fertilised. Mosura Eros acts as a unique growth and mating stimulant for this purpose.

We recommend the regular use of Mosura Eros to minimise molting problems in your shrimps. When this product is dosed it is normal for the shrimp to start to dance around the tank. They should settle down within half an hour or so. Over the next few days the shrimps will molt and healthy matured females will berry.

Mosura Eros also functions to normalise metabolism rate, inhibits fungus reproduction in the tank water and prevents enteritis in the shrimps.

It is recommended to use 5 spray applications (approx 1ml) of Eros per 50 litres of water initially. Spray Eros about 5cm above the water surface. If the shrimps do not start react by dancing around the tank, add another 3 to 5 spray applications per 50 litres until the shrimp start to dance.

Use this product every 10 to 14 days alone or in conjunction with Mosura Gravidas to optimize your breeding program.

Shrimps in captivity may not molt regularly due to non suitable or bad water condition, when the situation continues, their shells will be hardened, growth is retarded and breeding stops, further molting is impossible. Eros induces shrimps to molt and will not affect those are not ready to molt and thus eliminate the hardened shell problem and get females pregnant when ready.

(from ASSA Aqua).