Monday, December 31, 2012

A Visit From Lexinverts

Tylomelania sp. and Caridina dennerli
Livestock and photo by Andy Bouwma, Lexinverts
Earlier this month I received a visit from aqua hobbyist and shrimp breeder Andy Bouwma, known as Lexinverts in the online world. A fellow Badger, his alma mater being UW-Madison (On, Wisconsin!), Andy was traveling and stopped in Madison. We chatted about our experiences with keeping shrimp, future directions of shrimp varieties, and the US shrimp hobby scene. Andy has been successful with keeping many shrimp varieties, including Sulawesi shrimp, and is a user of the Salty Shrimp brand of water conditioners and minerals, recommending GH+ and Sulawesi 8.5. My experiences with Sulawesi shrimp have been variable, having success with only the Cardinal shrimp (Caridina dennerli), which I no longer keep. I will definitely consider Andy's recommendations should I venture into Sulawesi shrimp again. I hope to have the opportunity to visit Andy and his shrimp in the future.