Thursday, August 1, 2013

River Wild - AMAZONAS July/August 2013

Two familiar names in the July/August edition of AMAZONAS : Devin Biggs of Riparium Supply and Nick Xyong of Speedie Aquatics.  I first met Devin in Madison at the local aquatic gardeners club.  He is an expert with riparium aquatic systems and once had a beautiful setup on the UW-Madison campus.  I've tried a riparium setup before, but unfortunately kept it with turtles who found the plants to be extra delicious.  Nick was (he recently announced he will depart from shrimp importing) a driving force in the shrimp hobby, bringing in quality shrimp from overseas for US shrimpkeepers.  I've received stock from him in the past, as well as expert advice on planted aquariums.

The article, written by Devin, showcases Nick's ADA 120-P planted riparium, a beautiful aquascape that you can see more pictures of on his website.  Check out the latest edition of AMAZONAS for the full article.

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