Monday, November 28, 2011

November Updates

The BTOE x Super Tiger shrimplets have hatched!  I suspect they were released sometime over the holiday weekend as they appear larger than normal new/one-day old shrimplets; I was away so I cannot confirm the exact day.  They are clear/orange-ish and some appear to have light/orange eyes...hmm, is orange-eye trait dominant?  Pattern wise, they will probably resemble low-grade BTOE.

The BKK, Wine Red, and TB Hybrid shrimplets should be hatching soon as well!

Finally, here is a picture of Rachel "Msjinkzd" O'Leary and I.  She travelled from Pennsylvania to share her experiences keeping invertebrates with two Wisconsin aquatic clubs.  Check out her site for great deals on invertebrates and fish: Invertebrates by Msjinkzd.

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