Saturday, October 22, 2011

March of the Hybrids!

With hybridization, the limit of shrimp varieties are ever expanding.  For example, there are numerous Tiger/Bee (TiBee) hybrids out there, as well as suspected TiBee/Taiwan Bee hybrids; even the famed Taiwan Bees (TB) themselves are believed by some to be the result of TiBee hybrids.  All of these shrimp are very attractive and unique in their coloration and patterns.

Such hybrids show how closely related all these shrimp species really are.  In fact, I once read that given nature's mysterious ways, it may be possible for Neocardina to cross with Caridina!

What do you think of hybrid shrimp?  Beautiful, or freaks of nature/deliberate crossbreeding?

Pinto Bee (Possible TB/Tiger/TiBee Hybrid)
Breeder: Astrid Weber
Blue Bee/Black Bee Hybrid
Breeder: Marian Bungeroth
White Tiger
Breeder: Monika (

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